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As New York City’s optical boutique for handmade, independent eyewear, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best selection of unique eyewear. In fact, we hand select every frame based on its unique design, quality of materials, and thoughtful craftsmanship. We offer a curated selection of eyewear from all over the world from the best designers including Blackfin, Feb 31st, Francois Pinton, Henau, Sabine Be, and Tom Davies. We work hard to bring our clients the highest quality of lenses as well using brands like Carl Zeiss, Essilor and Shamir. They are digitally manufactured in order to give you a sharper and clearer vision with optional coatings that prevent scratching, glaring, and smudging and repel dust.

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We hand select each and every frame we carry. We only select the best there is. All handmade products from all over the world

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