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Proprietary Personalized Digital Lens Series engineered to redefine what is possible in customized eyewear. Beyond just the latest advancement in lens technology, it is the fusion of form, flexibility, unsurpassed visual acuity, and personalized comfort. Powered by DXT: The combination of Digital Eye Lab’s own developed software technologies with Digital Lens Fabrication Technologies, found only at DEL.

Flex Single Vision provides optimal visual acuity for your patient with edge-to-edge clarity while allowing you to order the perfect base curve for the eyeglass frame chosen in the as worn position.

G PAL is fabricated with the design optimized for each individual prescription. Multiple corridor lengths are available to create perfect placement and sizing for the intermediate and add locations for each lens. G PAL is available in variable fitting heights from 14mm and up..

Wearer compensated power. With every Mod lens the corridor length, design and base curve are customized to order. Mod PALs consider pantoscopic tilt of the frame, the wrap angle, and vertex distance to create the most precise customized progressive lenses.

100% backside PAL. This design offers increased visual performance in the intermediate and distance areas of the lens. Outdoor is a unique and logical choice for Rx sunwear.

Exclusive Digital Round Segmented Bifocal. Segments are available in 22mm, 28mm, and 35mm. This Digital Bifocal is available in over 50 lens materials, enabling you to offer greater material availability to the Segmented Bifocal patients. The add power is Digitally fabricated on the inside lens surface, creating superior optics while eliminating the front “ledge” present in all conventional segmented bifocals. With two smooth lens surfaces, AR performance is greatly increased.

Exclusive High Base Curve (Wrap) technology. Curve design available in both Curve SV (Single Vision) and Curve PAL (Progressive). This lens technology reduces both the thickness and weight of Wrap lens Rx’s that typically would be heavy and thick. Digital fabrication and design enhancement create superior optics and drastically improved aesthetics.